Zaterdag quote

William Vogt and Norman Borlaug are among the few who have some glimpse then [in 1946] of the magnitude of the tests that face our species today, as we mover ever closer to 2050, when the world will hold 10 billion souls. But our understanding of how to resolve them differs, as do their view on their causes.
Vogt sees the city [Mexico] reaching across the dry lake bed to engulf the last fields and streams and says: Hold it back! We cannot let our species overwhelm the natural systems on which we all depend! Borlaug sees the pitiful scrim of wheat and maize on the tract of land and says: How can we give people a better chance to thrive? Vogt wants to protect the land; Borlaug wants to equip its occupants.
Which is correct?

Charles C. Mann (2018). The Wizard and the Prophet, p 19.

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