Zondag quote

Sen: “It is quite possible that Britain’s long run problems have something to do with the tremendously narrow motivation structure in British industry. In any kind of small, independent enterprise in which cooperation over large groups isn’t involved, the British are marvelous. They run the best pubs in the world, with the labor of two or three people, possibly a family. There is not much shirking. A lot of efficient work. In contrast, whenever there is a situation involving large groups and team work, requiring an understanding of, and response to, each other’s interests and goals, there seem to be problems. This is where Japan, or Germany, or even the United States, may still have an advantage, and the nature of social norms and of schooling on behavior patterns may be important here.”

Arjo Klamer (1989). A Conversation with Amartya Sen. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 3(1), p 146-147

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